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The telephone is integral to any business, yet sometimes little attention is paid to how the phone is answered or to converting phone calls into actual paying customers. This interactive course discusses the importance of not only making the phone ring, but how to convert those customers into scheduled appointments. Class discussion focuses on solid verbal communication, the subtleties of how words are used during conversation, and ensuring consistency.

About Greg:

Greg Marchand is an author, industry consultant, and passionate educator. As a former shop owner, Toyota business consultant, and college teacher, Greg is passionate about the health of the automotive industry and spends his days helping repair shops and their employees create higher levels of customer satisfaction, gross profit and employee retention. Currently, Greg designs and delivers knowledge rich, engaging service sales curriculum for Advance Auto Part’s Service Sales Academy, while conducting in-shop process consultations globally and launching the television show Repair Shop Rescue. In his spare time, Greg likes to go hunting, fishing, skiing, and ice climbing. Greg holds an undergraduate degree in Automotive Technology and an MBA in Organizational Sustainability.

Telephone Success – Greg Marchand, 2:30-5:30pm CARQUEST

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