What’s New at ASTE 2021

The Automotive Service and Technology Expo (ASTE) is scheduled for September 24-25 in Cary, North Carolina. This is the largest aftermarket auto show in the Southeast, and this year, it may just be the biggest event on the East Coast. For the first time ever, ASTE is sold out! With over 500 attendees, 80 vendors, and 30 industry trainers registered, this will be the best ASTE yet.

If you have attended ASTE in the past, you know that there is something happening every minute of every day. Enjoy two days packed with training seminars focusing on technical skills, management and marketing practices during the day and social events in the evenings. ASTE will be hosting classes from top industry professionals including Jim Morton, Brandon Steckler, Bill Haas, Rick White and more!

ASTE is different from other shows because of the intimate social setting and networking opportunities. Throughout the event, the speakers are encouraged to attend these social events and interact with attendees. This provides the opportunity for shop owners and technicians to engage with these speakers outside of the classroom. The same goes for vendors! This relationship building is great for attendees to put a face and a name behind a company. The attendee will remember having a beer with the rep from that parts company at the Pre-Party or playing Blackjack with an account manager from a software company. Next time the attendee goes to place an order or has an issue with their software, they will remember who is on the other line when they need help. Here are the networking events scheduled:

Thursday September 23, 7:30PM: Pre-Party at Rally Point

Friday September 24, 12PM: Town Hall Lunch with Carm Capriotto

Friday September 24, 5:45PM: Pizza Party

Friday September 24, 8PM: Casino Night

Saturday September 25, 10:45AM: Tradeshow

Saturday September 25, 5:30PM: Awards Banquet

Another first for ASTE is the premiere of an attendee app. Attendees will be able to easily access their personalized class schedule with one click on their smartphone. The app has features including speaker profiles, class information, event schedules, vendor profiles and more! Attendees will also be able to connect with each other using the social networking feature. Add friends on the app and enjoy digital messaging throughout the event.

September 24-25 will be here before you know it. Pack your bags, close the shop, and join us at the newly renovated Embassy Suites in Cary, NC for this year of firsts at the ASTE. If you didn’t get tickets this year, be sure to keep an eye out for ASTE 2022 registration in the spring.

Written by Maddi Hennessey

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