Getting it Done, Avoid Procrastination Class to be Offered at ASTE 2016

Procrastination is a complex behavior. It is not a habit like many think. This psychological behavior affects everyone. It ranges from a minor problem for some to a serious source of stress and anxiety for others.

Contrary to what you might think procrastination is only slightly related to time management. If there is a significant period of time between the time you intend to do something and the actual time you do it. You are a procrastinator. Eliminating or even reducing procrastination leads to a less stress, better health and improved earnings.
Gain an understanding of the characteristics of procrastinators, learn the benefits of overcoming procrastination and adopt anti-procrastination strategies.

Join us for Getting it Done, Avoid Procrastination – 1:00-4:00pm Friday September 23rd, 2016 with Bill Haas, of Haas Performance

Written by Tricia Sauls

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