Register Today for Telephone Success with Greg Marchand

The telephone is integral to any business, yet sometimes little attention is paid to how the phone is answered or to converting phone calls into actual paying customers. This interactive course discusses the importance of not only making the phone ring, but how to convert those customers into scheduled appointments. Class discussion focuses on solid

CARQUEST Presents Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Practical Application of Domestic OE Schematics with David Patrick

When a simplified wiring schematic doesn’t provide the necessary diagnostic information, access to the added features of OE wiring diagrams can help save valuable diagnostic time. Learn how to access wiring information directly from the vehicle manufacturer as well as through aftermarket information systems. Added features include web-based hyperlinks to connector views and component locations, photographs to help

Vehicle Technology Update Taught by Chris Peace at ASTE 2016

This three-hour seminar will cover what’s new in vehicle technology and features. Modern vehicles from General Motors and others are coming out with even more advanced technologies and materials. Though you may not service these vehicles today, it won’t be long before you will have one in for maintenance or service. Topics for this seminar