Regenerative Braking and Inverter Control Another Great Class Offered at ASTE 2016

This session is specific to the capturing of waste heat from the brakes and how that is converted into electrical energy and stored in a high voltage battery pack. If you have a good grasp of 4 channel ABS systems and basic electricity this will be easy to understand. The CEO of ACDC, Craig Van Batenburg, will be your instructor. If you do know much about hybrids show up anyway and take away what you can. This class will take the mystery away from hybrid and electric car technology not seen on conventional cars. A hand-out will be provided. Taking this before the “Hybrid Tech Tips” class and/or “Motor Testing” would be helpful.  A jump drive with lots of great tech help will be provided to any student for a charitable contribution to the ACDC cause of helping older foster boys find a home.  Craig was here last year and got great reviews.

Join us for: Regenerative Braking and Inverter Control – Craig Van Batenburg, 9:00-12:00pm ACDC

Written by Tricia Sauls

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