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Audatex – Frame Replacement Estimate Tips

Audatex users having to perform repairs where fluid lines need to be replaced or r/I complete must consider a manual labor time for this operations. Section 4-2 of the DBRM States • Complete R&I of brake line, transmission line, or fuel line is NOT INCLUDED.

Section 4-3 Replacement and Recycled operations for specific components may only call out to “disconnect” the line only.

An example of having to determine a full labor value for this would be on a full frame replacement requiring replacement or r/I of a brake, fuel line, AC Lines from the damaged part to the new replacement part.

Estimating Tip: CCC, Mitchell and Audatex – 2016-2017 Honda Civic Fender Bracket

2016-2017 OEM Honda Civic fenders requiring replacement will not come supplied with “front bracket” (Part #’s Right 60213TBAA00ZZ Left 60263TBAA00ZZ) and “lower bracket” (Part #’s Right 60212TBAA00ZZ Left 60262TBAA00ZZ) that are originally welded and riveted with adhesive from the factory on the original part.

Both CCC and Mitchell does not include the labor to transfer the brackets in the fender replacement time. The labor time in the database is based on installing a new “UNDAMAGED” bracket and does not include labor to repair the old bracket for reuse onto the new replacement fender.

Audatex labor time for fender replacement considers the brackets included, but this is based on installing a new undamaged part onto the replacement fender.

Additional labor should be considered if having to reuse an existing bracket to bring it to new, undamaged condition ready for installation as well as refinishing of the bracket if required.

Rivets and adhesive cost is NOT INCLUDED in all three estimating systems when doing this procedure.

Estimating Tip: CCC, Mitchell and Audatex – One time use fasteners and hardware

OEM’s may require specific hardware and fasteners to be replaced every time they are removed from the vehicle for repairs. This may include Clips, Rivets, nuts, bolts and washers. The costs of these are not included and would need to be considered for the estimate/repair plan being made.

All three information providers do not list out every bit of hardware and clips in the database. It is important to reference the OEM workshop manual as well as the OEM EPC (electronic parts catalogue) for correct part number and notes. Any person that runs across missing information in the estimating system should submit a DEG inquiry with the correct part number and information calling out for one time use so the appropriate IP can add it to the database with the appropriate note.

Toyota has publshed has published a great article in reference “Non-Reusable Parts” ( Also Reference Toyota CRIB Bulletin 188 (

Always reference every OEM Service information for bulletins and documents for vehicle repairs. Access OEM service information can be located through

Estimating Tip: CCC, Mitchell and Audatex – Replacement parts may come pre-painted and assembled from the OEM

Some OEM replacement parts may come pre-painted and/or assembled complete with exterior trim already attached to the part. The replacement part may not match the vehicle color you are working on. This will require additional labor if required to dissemble the replacement part and apply the correct color you are working on. This labor is NOT INCLUDED in all three information providers database and require an on the spot evaluation. This would also apply to LKQ assembly parts (i.e. doors, trunks, fenders etc…)

A recent example of this from the OEM would be a 2014-2019 Nissan Rogue which comes already supplied from the OEM in its most popular color K23 Silver including glass, wiring and hardware already attached to the lift gate.

CCC shows the following footnote in the Lift Gate group. Currently, there is no mention of this in Audatex and Mitchell database.


Estimating Tip: CCC, Mitchell and Audatex – TPMS Sensors (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

When wheels need to be replaced, it is important to follow the OEM Repair procedure and protocol when dealing with valve stems and TPMS Sensors. Many OEM may require the TPMS Sensor be rebuilt using a “parts kit” Anytime the sensor nut is loosened or the tire is replaced. Rebuilding TPMS Sensors is NOT INCLUDED as well as the cost of the repair kit.

CCC/Motors GTE Guide States that TPMS Sensor labor is INCLUDED when replacing a wheel. Rebuilding a TPMS Sensor is NOT INCLUDED. Refer to inquiry 12423

Mitchell: CEG Guide under wheels: TPMS Sensor R/I or R/R is NOT INCLUDED in the wheel replacement labor time

Audatex: Labor report may include the TPMS Sensor labor as INCLUDED when replacing a wheel. Rebuilding a TPMS Sensor is NOT INCLUDED unless specifically stated in the labor report.

Electronic reset or programming of the TPMS System is NOT INCLUDED and will require an on the spot evaluation.

SCRS also offers a TPMS Relearn Chart to serve as a quick reference for technicians working on TPMS equipped vehicles. The chart can be found at

Estimating Tip: CCC, Mitchell and Audatex – Seat Belt Inspections

OEM’s may require a seat belt inspection to be performed after a collision regardless of speed and impact severity. This operation is NOT INCLUDED, and will require on the spot evaluation for labor as well as following OEM repair procedures. Documentation from the OEM can be found by visiting then selecting the appropriate manufactures web link for proper information.

Written by Tricia Sauls

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